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The effects of extreme heat can be devastating. Heat stress is extremely painful for birds, and high temperatures can limit bird growth. Evaporative cooling is an extremely effective method of reducing heat stress, and it can reduce the temperature inside the poultry house by 7 to 8 degrees Celsius. This can frequently mean the difference between mortality and livability.

Clima Flow - DC50, DM50 and DC57

Next generation ventilation solution

When a high airflow capacity is required, the Clima-Flow EM36 is the ideal exhaust fan. The one-of-a-kind propeller design is self-cleaning, allowing for maximum efficiency. The square fan housing and air conveyor (venturi) are made of galvanised sheet steel. The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamically balanced to produce minimal noise and vibration. The propeller is available in stainless steel, galvanised steel, pre-coated and galvanised steel, and aluminium. The fan was created in Munters Italy's R&D lab to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The test chamber was built under the ANSI/AMCA210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnelofthe BESS Lab at the AgriculturalEngineering Department, Universityof Illinois – USA.

Clima Pads

Next generation cooling solution

Water comes into contact with hot air as it passes through the ClimaPad. Which evaporates and necessitates the use of thermal energy from the air. ClimaPad amplifies and transforms a simple natural phenomenon into the most cost-effective solution for maintaining ideal temperature and humidity. ClimaPad is made of a specially-impregnated cellulose matrix that absorbs water quickly and provides a large contact surface between air and water. When hot, dry air passes over a wet pad surface, an evaporative process happens, and the air is cooled and conditioned.

360° Fan

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Air cooling fans are used in poultry farms to maintain good air circulation and temperature. Our 36" air circulating fans provide high efficiency and can be used in a variety of applications such as poultry farms, industrial buildings, and so on. These fans are available with single-phase or three-phase motors. This fan is designed with a wide inlet and outlet opening and an aerodynamic blade shape to cut the air at the inlet and spread it evenly throughout the flow area to achieve an aerodynamic airflow. These air circulating fans are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

Air Inlets

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

The Dhumal Air Inlets steers the incoming fresh air before it enters the building. The air gets its direction through adjustable spoilers. The amount of air is regulated with a vertically moving slide. Steering and amount of air are separated. Because of this completely situations where high demands on the air control should be imposed


Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

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