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Fogger System

For Effective Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a very effective method of reducing heat stress and can reduce the temperature inside a poultry shed by 7 to 80 degrees Celsius. This difference in temperature can mean the difference between morality and livability. DhumalFogger System is made up of a high-pressure pump, a pipe line, fogger nozzles, and a timer unit. Water is sprayed in the form of a fine mist, some of which evaporates before reaching the ground, absorbing heat from the atmosphere, and the remaining is effective in surface cooling of birds.

Fogger - M4

Next generation ventilation solution

Dhumal Foggers are made of high-quality, durable plastic. The water sprayed from the fogger is a very fine mist that evaporates to a large extent by the time it reaches the ground and balance is effective in surface cooling of birds.

Fogger - M8

Next generation cooling solution

Dhumal Fogger are made from high quality resistant plastic. The water sprayed from the fogger is a very fine mist which evaporates by the time it reches the ground to a large extent and balance is effective in surface cooling of bird.

Fogger Pump Motor

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

It is recommended that a high-pressure pump capable of delivering water at 60 PSI or 150 feet of water head be used. The pump discharge should be sufficient to meet the water requirements of the installed foggers. We can provide a pump set consisting of a 3HP, 3-phase motor and a pump large enough to power 300 foggers.

Fogger Timer

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

  • The timer is required for the pump and motor to start and stop automatically. A suitable cycle can be established based on the location and wind velocity at the poultry farm. On and off times can be set from 2 to 14 minutes. Normally, 3 minutes on and 7 minutes off is sufficient.
  • Because the Timer includes a built-in starter and thermal overload relay, a separate starter is not required.
  • Power – 3 phase 3 wires should be supplied to the timer via the main switch, and 3 wires from the timer should be supplied to the motor.
  • To prevent single phasing, the timer has a single phasing prevention mechanism. If the negative sequence indicator lamp illuminates during startup, swap the tow input wires while leaving the third in place. Indicators for low voltage and negative sequence should not glow. Change the direction of the motor by changing the wires at the motor. (Only if necessary).

Sprinkler System Sprinkler SP-2

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Sprinkler SP-2 is made of long-lasting, UV-stabilized polymer and non-ferrous parts. There are no ball bearings to rust. The Sprinkler rotates independently in the opposite direction of the spray. Sprinkler SP-2 is designed specifically for poultry farms and sprinkles only the necessary amount of water on the poultry roof. The roof is kept wet, which lowers the temperature inside the Poultry Sheds. If the Gunny curtains are tied at the end of the A.C. Sheets/roof, water falling from the roof will wet the Gunny curtain and cool the air entering the shed due to the wet gunny curtains. Dripping water on the ground raises humidity near the poultry shed and lowers temperature through evaporative cooling. This system allows you to lower the temperature in comparison to the outside temperature for a very low cost and without the use of sophisticated equipment. Because these Sprinklers are not irrigation Sprinklers, the system's water requirement is very low.

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