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Curtain Winching System

Made from the best quality steel and are powder coated to prevent the winches from rusting.

Curtains are used in poultry houses to protect the birds from direct sunlight, rain, and harsh winter conditions. During the brooding period, the curtain helps to keep the inside temperature stable. Dhumals curtains are made of a special HDPE woven fabric that has five layers and is laminated on both sides. To avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, the material has been UV stabilised. The five layers are joined using a special type of electronic welding process that results in a completely water proof joint. To improve quality, curtains are reinforced on all four sides with Nylon ropes. Dhumal Industries has developed a curtain winching system to help labourers raise and lower the curtain with ease and simplicity. Dhumals winches are powder coated to prevent rusting and are made of the highest quality steel. The winches are also outfitted with a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism that allows the curtains to be winched to the desired height without requiring a reverse fall back. Other accessories required include a small stainless steel pulley and bit bulleys made of M.S. with a nickel coating through which the 3 mm and 5 mm wire ropes run. Both pulleys are attached with the help of 'J' hooks. A 25 mm diameter M.S. pipe runs the length of the curtain. A single winch can raise or lower a 200-foot-long curtain.

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