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For Effective Cooling

In today’s world of hyper-competition, the modern day farmer must rely on the latest technology for improving productivity and efficiency. Our range of computerized control systems help you optimize control parameters inside the poultry house thus leading to better feed conversion and reduced energy consumption.

Control Panel For EC House

Next generation ventilation solution

The Control panel helps control the total system, ie Feeding, Brooding, Fans & Controllers like AC-2000 and Platinum Plus and Junior etc.

Features of the panel [Front side]

  • Three phase indicators
  • Voltage indicator with selector
  • Alarm, audio and light flashing

Computerized Control System : Smart 10D

Next generation cooling solution

The SMART Controllers control temperature and humidity in agricultural buildings using intelligent, user-friendly climate control software. Designed for installations requiring a small number of relays, SMART controllers are easy to use, simple to program and support a large variety of devices. Byemploying RotemNet PC communication software, you can place different SMART controllers on the same network.


Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Dhumal’sAC-2000 Controllersprovide an advanced and cost-effective computerized control solution forpoultry broilers, breeders and for swine,with unique AC-2000 editions available for each bird. AC-2000 unit provide :

  • Control over temperature, humidity, static pressure, light, feed, water and more
  • Feature a comprehensive management menu
  • Optional PC communication software

Platinum Plus and Junior Controllers

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Dhumal'sPlatinum Plus and Junior Poultry House Controllersare a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry house: climate, temperature, feed, weighing and ventilation. Designed for operations requiring a large number of relays, the Platinum provides a plug-and-play solution for growers wanting to invest minimal time in programming thecontroller. Alternatively, growers wanting to configure the controller to fit exactly their particular installation can set every detail.

RBS-1 Bird Scale Platform

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Dhumal provides bird scales platforms scales designed to work in the rigorous conditions found in industrial chicken and turkey coops.

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Healthier animals
  • User friendly software enables every grower to tailor.
  • SMART to his own specific needs.
  • PC communication and remote control facilitate full supervision 24/7.

Temperature Sensor

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Temperature Sensor to accurately determine the temperature inside as well as outside the shed.

Type 30 Kohm Thermistor
Maximum Cable Length 500 meter (1640 feet)
Curve Number 1
Typical Accuracy 0.3° C
Maximum 25°C Tolerance ±3%
Operating Temperature -40° to 105° C / -40° to 221° F
Minimum wire size 22 AWG ( 2 wire shielded cable)

Humidity Sensor

Range of Superior Solutions for cooling system

Humidity Sensor to accurately determine the temperature inside as well as outside the shed.

Input Voltage 12 VDC
Output Voltage 0-3 VDC
Operating Temperature -10 to +70 C
RH Range 0 - 100%
Accuracy 20-80% humidity (+-3%); above 80% humidity(+- 5%)
Maximum Cable Length 300 meter
Minimum Wire Size 22 AWG

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