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Battery Cage System With Tunnel EC

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently.

  • Fully Closed or Side Curtain Houses for Battery cages with multiple options for automation.
  • Multiple probabilities on nos. of rows & tiers possible to best utilize the total cubic feet volume in the house.
  • Unique Battery designs aimed at increasing ventilation in the cages.
  • Dhumal EZY-THROW Manure removal system allows for easy disposal of manure & clean, hygienic environment inside the house
  • Our unique double seal nipples ensure the required flow rate with no leakages
  • Optional Automatic feeding trolley system to reduce manual labor work.
  • Efficient Climate Control designs ensures the system can reach wind speeds of upto 650 feet/min & performs even under highstatic pressure.
  • Optional Minimum ventilation packages with air inlets & louvers during cold weather conditions.
  • Our breeder battery packages enable easy AI this high tensile high stocking density, low FCR & day manure.

Packages For Breeders On Floor

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently

Broiler Breeders require a very specific housing and feedingsystems as generally these birds determined to gain weightinstead of producing many eggs. Thus, the following housingequipment, its position, concepts are crucial for the successfulproduction of hatching eggs :

  • Central community nests with auto egg collection or side nestswith manual egg collection.
  • Continuous loop auto feeding with pan or chain feeding.
  • Correct feeding concept.
  • Easy access to nests.
  • Enough space to move around.
  • Correct height of the manure pit.
  • Short rolling-off distances and gentle transport of the eggs.

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