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Automatic Feeding System

Range of Superior Bell Drinkers for Broilers, Layers and Breeders

With a constant decrease in labour availability and an increase in labour costs, poultry automation is a necessity. Dhumal products are designed and built to provide years of dependable service. Automatic Feeding Systems are ideal for large farms with more than 4000 birds. We provide a variety of broiler and breeder systems. While the broiler range is designed to focus on high FCR and low feed wastage, the breeder range focuses on accurate feeding and ease of use for your farm's workforce and managers.

Ezy Pan Feeding System

Centralized feed level adjustment represents a major technological innovation.

The EzyPan Feeding System with centralised feed level adjustment is a significant technological advancement. This reduces feed waste, labour, and helps to maintain excellent hygienic conditions for the birds. This EzyPan Feeding System is intended to feed day-old chicks without the use of additional feeders. This is due to the formation of a large cone of feed and a pan with a height of only 7.5 cm. Day-old chicks can easily eat.

This is due to feed retaining arches, which prevent the chicks from getting into the pan after day three. This keeps the feed from becoming contaminated or caking. This Ezypan Feeding Solution uses a winch to convert the supply of feeds for young chicks to controlled feeding for the remainder of the growing period. This is completed with a single movement for the entire line. The specially designed retaining arches encourage birds to feed from the centre of the pan, preventing them from pushing the feed towards the rim, which is an important consideration in preventing feed waste. The feed level is easily adjustable using the regulator ring, which has three setting options, and as a final precaution, a 4 mm waste lip inside the pan's rim prevents any actual spillage of feed.

EzyPan V2

A Pan with a feed quantity regulator and adjustable Grill

Easy Access of Feed to Chicks :

  • Lower the pan on ground.
  • Pan opens up for chicks.
  • Prevents chicks from entering the pan
  • No droppings, avoids cross-contamination.

Chicks reach entry point of feed :

  • Smaller Diameter and low height of the pan allows the chicks to reach the entry point of the feed;
  • Stimulates natural instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of Feed in the First week.

EzyPan V3

A Pan with a feed quantity regulator

Advantages :

  • Lower the pan on ground
  • No droppings, avoids cross-contamination
  • Easy access - chicks reach the entry point of the feed. Stimulates natural instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of feed in the first week
  • Manual adjustment of the feed supply: Manual setting of the regulator at I,II,III levels depending upon the feed, required only once in the beginning. Just lift the regulator, turn & drop.

Chain Feeding System

Makes feeding an easy task

The Chain Feeding System which is imported from Italy makes feeding an easy task. The Hoppers are in charge of distributing food throughout the house. The system's main feature is its flexibility; its diverse number of components can be increased at any time and in any position, allowing the system to grow as needed. The Chain system can be installed on the floor if legs for the trough couplers are provided, on the slats with the couplers in specially designed supports, or completely suspended for daily or less frequent raising and lowering. The chain system reduces feed waste while encouraging the birds to behave naturally. Grids of various sizes and construction are installed in breeder troughs to prevent cockerels from gaining access to the females feed.

Semiautomatic Winchable Lines

A central Hoisting mechanism is provided in the middle of the shed

Semi-automatic Winchable Female Parent Lines are a simple, cost-effective, and highly accurate option for your floor-reared breeder layers. Jumbo Female Parent Feeders with 16 holes are suspended on the pipe using an extra metal extension provided to secure the feeders to the non-corrosive pipe. A central hoisting mechanism, which is part of the winching mechanism, is provided in the middle of the shed. As a result, all of the feeders are raised and lowered at the same time, giving all birds equal, uniform, and instant access to food.

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